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How to Keep your Building Projects on Schedule

building project

You can’t simply start building and expect everything to go smoothly without detailed planning. A project schedule is vital to ensure everything happens in the right order to the right quality. Without it you could make errors that double the cost of construction. Below are some simple tips to help you create an efficient schedule. Get The Most Out Of ... Read More »

Five Ways to Cut Household Expenses

household expense

If you run a household, chances are you understand just how expensive it can be. It can seem as if there is an endless stream of bills that need to be paid, repairs that need to be financed and special occasions to buy for. The good news is that there are ways to effectively reduce expenses in your household, without ... Read More »

5 Tips for the Not-so-savvy Property Investor


Of all the types of investments available, property is probably the least exciting. This is, of course, a good thing. There’s nothing more conducive to imminent heart attacks than an investment with the momentum of a roller coaster – and remember, that has ups and downs. However, if you’ve not dipped your toe in the property investment ocean before, here ... Read More »

Important Design Tips to Remember when Renovating


Renovations can seem daunting, especially if you are considering restructuring your entire home. To relieve some of that stress Lyndhurst Lumber can help out with a lot of the big projects. There are many points and parts to think about, and they should, ideally, work together cohesively. One of the most important aspects of renovation is design, and this can ... Read More »

Carpet Stain Cleaning: What you Should and Shouldn’t do


There’s nothing like the feel of a lush shag-pile carpet under foot but what to do when you spill your first glass of red wine? You could always call a commercial cleaning company such as AMC Brisbane who can professionally clean your carpets or you could give the tips below a try – good luck! Maintenance By reducing the amount ... Read More »

Furniture you Should add to Bring your Deck to Life


Who doesn’t like to curl up in the sun with a good book? Throw some comfy cushions into the equation and it’s a recipe for relaxation. If you’re getting a new patio or deck built, companies like Additions Building can give you some great advice on what works well – or you can just give into the temptation and buy ... Read More »

5 Places Around the Home that Ants Love To Nest


As the weather cools down, you are likely to find some unwanted pests trying to take shelter in the warmth of your home. When it happens, it can be widespread; you’ll find ants crawling over any surface. While a bug spray might eradicate the ones you see, they will eventually come back. Before you call a pest company like Trusted ... Read More »

Winter Wilting: Keep that Garden Fresh


Winter can sometimes cause havoc with our precious gardens, or render it lifeless due our plants not being able to cope with the chill. Often, gardeners simply give up because they think that winter will equal dull plants, and fruitless efforts. Well, there are actually plenty of steps you can take to give your plants a head start against the ... Read More »

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