3 Ways to Secure Your Home From Burglary

We all like to feel safe and secure in our homes and one of the worst fears we have is being burgled and seeing our possessions taken and our feelings of security compromised.

There are a number of ways that you can help prevent your home being targeted and here three vital ways to secure your home from burglary.

Let there be light 

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A good starting point for home security is to make sure that there is plenty of good visibility in and around your home. Take a walk around your property both inside and out whilst trying to adopt the mentality of someone who is looking to break in.

Make a note of all the vulnerable areas and blind spots where someone might be able to break in without being seen very easily. Security lighting is particularly useful in providing good coverage and protection against weak spots and areas being exploited.

Outdoor lighting

Sensor lighting is relatively inexpensive to install but is very effective in deterring a criminal who would prefer to work under the cover of darkness. Arrange some movement activated sensor lighting around the perimeter of your property and also that all entrances and vulnerable windows are covered as well. Security lighting is a simple and effective way of ensuring that a burglar looks for an easier target where he can work in the shadows.

Indoor timers

Always make sure that you have a few lamps connected to timers especially when you are away from the property. Lights coming on at various times and in different parts of the property will help to deter burglars who will not want to break in if someone is at home or they think that they are.


Locks are such a basic deterrent to have when trying to protect your property but far too many homeowners simply do not have enough of them or do not use them to keep intruders out. You should always make sure that doors and windows are locked and secure when you leave the property, even if it is for a short period of time.

Consider fitting some window locks if you do not currently have any and review the strength and security of your door locks so that they are strong enough to withstand any attempted break in.

Also make sure that any outside buildings such as garages and sheds are safely secured by a good quality lock as garden equipment and furniture is an easy target when it is not adequately protected.

Home Security system 

Having taken all the basic precautions to protect your home you should also consider a much higher level of security which can be obtained by fitting a home security system. Alarm systems that you can get today offer great flexibility and can work out to be excellent value for money when it comes to considering the peace of mind and emergency assistance that you can get with them.

You may want to consider a wireless monitored system which is relatively easy to install and allows you to sign up to a 24/7 monitoring service that can liaise with the authorities in the event of an emergency, especially when you may be away from the property.

These are three good ways of securing your home from the prospect of being burgled and will help you get that extra peace of mind that many of us seek when we are trying to protect what we value most.

About the Author : Morgan Bishop is a real estate agent. He frequently writes about how to stay safe at home on consumer blogs. Click to get your Allstate Insurance information.

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