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How to Make a DIY Vertical Garden

Do you lack space for a regular garden or simply want to cover a wall with some plants? A vertical garden would be a nice option! What’s great is that it’s actually easy to do on your own. Making a DIY Vertical Garden Step ...Read More

How to Replace a Broken 3-Way Lamp Switch

Do you have a broken 3-way lamp switch? You don’t have to throw the lamp away. It’s possible that the lamp switch just needs to be replaced. Don’t know how to do it? Just follow the simple steps in this tutorial. Replacing a Broken ...Read More

How to Build a Patio

A patio can add beauty and curb appeal to your home. This can also become a nice spot for hanging out – you just add a table and some chairs to transform the spot! While a patio might be a bit expensive to get ...Read More

How to Make a DIY Plant Hanger

Did you know that’s it’s actually so easy to make a DIY plant hanger? Things You Will Need Jute rope or string Plant holder or pot (the tutorial uses one that’s 12 cm wide) Plant (it should be small and can easily fit inside ...Read More

How to Build a Garden Pond

Did you know that you can build a garden pond at home, without the help of a contractor? A garden pond can be a beautiful and serene addition to your home. It can add appeal to your home and gives you a nice spot ...Read More

How To Assemble a Table Lamp

Why buy a table lamp when you can make your own? It’s actually easy to make a table lamp at home – and you can even choose your own design. So, if you’re creative, you can make an interesting lamp with the items you ...Read More

DIY Guide to Hot Water Problems

Your hot water system is among the most important appliances in your house, necessary for cleaning, cooking, bathing and a great many more activities we undertake on a daily basis. Yet the tank at the back of the house, in the linen closet or ...Read More

DIY Pond Ideas that will help Improve your Home

Ponds and water features add a harmonious and relaxing feel to your outdoors. The presence of water will really enhance your yard, so why not create your own pond. It really isn’t that difficult. In fact, you can do it yourself in a weekend. ...Read More