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5 Places Around the Home that Ants Love To Nest

As the weather cools down, you are likely to find some unwanted pests trying to take shelter in the warmth of your home. When it happens, it can be widespread; you’ll find ants crawling over any surface. While a bug spray might eradicate the ...Read More

Winter Wilting: Keep that Garden Fresh

Winter can sometimes cause havoc with our precious gardens, or render it lifeless due our plants not being able to cope with the chill. Often, gardeners simply give up because they think that winter will equal dull plants, and fruitless efforts. Well, there are ...Read More

Take the Stress Out of Moving House

Walking through your home, you are suddenly struck by how much stuff you have. The thought of moving all your belongings into a new abode overwhelms you, making your heart race and your head feel fuzzy. Where should you start? How are you going ...Read More

5 Things to Consider When Building Your First Home

Building a home is often a thrilling and challenging venture. As the walls appear around you, so does your future life, filled with cooking, entertaining, family and friends. While it is tempting to rush headlong into making your dream a reality, there are many ...Read More

Solar Power: Go Green At Home In 2014

There’s never been a better time to go solar. Electricity prices are going through the roof and further rises are on the way. So why not make 2014 the year to go green at home? How it Works In a nutshell, solar power works ...Read More

A Safer, Better Bathroom for the Family

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place, considering that water and soap can easily make areas slippery. Here are some practical tips to make the bathroom safe for everyone in the family. Use Unglazed Tiles Glazed floor tiles should be avoided at all costs because ...Read More

Building a Better Workspace or Home Office

A comfortable work space is essential for you to perform a better job at whatever it is that you are supposed to do – whether it is creative websites or producing art canvases or selling stuff online. The following tips can be quite useful ...Read More