How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper for your Home


Wallpapers have become more common in both home and motel decors. Newbies in the wallpaper world are often plagued with many questions about which designs will better suit their individuality. With very many designs, colors and textures to choose from, people often wonder how they can come to a conclusion on which wallpaper of choice. The following are ways you can devise to aid you to make the best choice for wallpaper:

Room style

The room you are planning to decorate should narrow down your options of wallpaper design. For instance, if it’s the bedroom and you want a romantic aura, you can select delicate damasks with floral and fine lines giving off the romantic appeal. If it is the living room or kitchen, more casual wallpapers could be selected. Bold geometric, metallic, and bold floral designs could be an excellent choice

Wall plan

If you are planning to cover all walls in a room, be sure to take note of overlapping areas and avoid them. You can give each wall its own design of wallpaper or have one uniform throughout. If you are putting the damask on one wall, make sure you put up designs which will attract all the attention towards it. It should highlight that specific area and you can add the beauty with something of sentimental value like a framed picture of your family.

Wallpaper backing type

After you have made your choice on a particular design, before purchase, take note of the backing it has been made of. Non-woven backing allows for stripping when you want to make changes. “Paste-the-wall” designs are easy to peel but do not expand when wet. Avoid small patenting when you start as matching overlaps will be difficult.

Textured and non-textured

Choosing a textured design leans on style. Textured wallpapers give walls some dimensions and work well to cover up imperfections. Some textured wallpapers are customized for painting for a monochrome look. Textured patterns, however, have less detailed than non-textured flat wallpapers. Flat wallpapers allow for fine detail in design and can include finishes such as metallic, gloss, and mica. Generally speaking, textured patterns give off a more casual and basic look whereas non-textured designs give more subtle appearances.


There is a very wide range of wallpapers to choose from. If you have a hard time, you can enlist help from showroom designers with specifications about what you want. You can also go online and look at different designs while matching them with your household appearance. Wallpapers can save you a change without the need and hassle of painting.

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