3 Modern Touches for Your Next Party

LED Video Dance Floor

Parties are all about creating good times with friends. If you are looking to impress your guests and take party fun to a whole new level, here are three modern touches to try out at your next bash.

LED Video Dance Floor

You can a hire an LED video dance floor to create a party experience that no one will forget. The LED dance floor is actually a giant video screen where you can show videos, stream photos, quotes and highlight guests’ names. It even features great lighting effects. The screen acts as the dance floor for your guests to party away the night. This innovation is really interactive and provides excellent picture quality, so you and your guests can have a great time dancing to personalised imagery. The video dance floor can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Check out www.modernparty.com.au for details.

The Inflatable Spa

Now you can have your very own spa party without actually owning a spa. You can hire one! They are heated meaning they are suitable to use all year round. You can hire a single spa, which is large enough to be enjoyed by six adult partygoers. You can even hire multiple spas to create a totally sumptuous party atmosphere. An inflatable spa party will add a really luxurious touch to your next pool party. Hiring an inflatable spa is also pretty hassle free. Generally the hire company will deliver and set it up for you. It will take about half an hour to fill and a further 6 – 8 hours to heat, so you need to set up in the morning for an evening spa party.

Photo Booths

Hiring a photo booth will add the fun factor to your party and will appeal to young and old partygoers alike. A photo booth creates a wonderful opportunity to make some quality party memories and capture them on film! Easy to assemble, and even easier to use, photo booths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and dress up parties, giving your guests the ability to show off, strut their stuff, and go a bit crazy. Your guests don’t have to wait until the hosts upload the photo eithers, with many photo booths producing double copies on the spot – perfect for your guest book and as a tangible memory for your guests.

Having a photo booth doesn’t take any specific technical knowledge. The touch screen means anyone can operate it and you can set an automatic timer ahead of time, so you decide how long guests get in the booth. While some photo booth companies will offer a technician, these modern devices are mostly self-manageable; you can spend the night enjoying the festivities without worrying about keeping an eye on the booth.

Use your imagination, check out some of the amazing modern touches available for hire, and turn your next party into a spectacular event. Do you have any suggestions for other readers? Leave your modern party ideas in the comments below.

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