5 Easy Ways to Make Your Porch or Patio More Private

So, how can you make your porch or patio more private? We’re sharing some tips on how to do it below.

A porch or patio can be a great addition to your home, adding curb appeal and also providing you with a nice place to hang out. But you really can’t relax and lounge all you want if the neighbors might easily peer into your place and see you, right?

Put Up a Tall Fence

This depends on where your house is located, of course, because there are subdivisions or locations that have regulations on the height of the fences.

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If it’s allowed in your area, then a tall fence can easily solve the problem and keep your space more private.

Plant Tall Bushes and Hedges

Another great option is to put tall bushes and hedges along your property line. These can be a good addition to your garden, but make sure you can have the time to ensure the plants are taken care of. You don’t want your live privacy screen to wilt because you forget to water it for weeks.

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Add Vertical Gardens Near Porch or Patio

If you don’t want to appear like you’re shutting out your neighbors, you can also opt to have vertical gardens built along the fence line. This way, you’ll have a good excuse: you want to have some fresh garden produce.

Set Up Partitions with Lattice and Panels

Wood lattice and panels can also make a great partition for your patio, but make sure that the wood is treated or you choose other materials that won’t easily rot.

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Add a Water Feature (Fountain or Mini Waterfall)

Worried about your neighbors listening to your private conversations? A water feature such as a small fountain or a garden pond with a mini waterfall can have a soothing effect and also drown out your conversations.

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