5 Reasons a Kitchen Garden is a Great Idea

A kitchen garden is ideal for planting anything you wish. Despite its small scale, you can plant a variety of stuff from fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal herbs.

Imagine having your own garden with Aloe Vera plants you can use to detoxify your face or tomatoes you can use for preparing the stew. It is also a leisure activity where you can weed and hoe before planting selected plants.

kitchen garden

The following are reasons of how a Kitchen garden is a good idea:

1. Good taste

Vegetables and fruits planted and harvested from your garden are fresh compared to those you buy in local stores and marketplaces. They do not need transportation in trucks and mixing with other stale produce. The fresh produce from your own garden makes your food taste better. You are also less likely to let good tasting food go to waste.

2. Saves you money

You won’t have to travel distances to the market to buy groceries when you can have them at the back of your house. If you are not careful, gardening can be expensive. It is therefore advised to start small with few materials. Start with seeds and beddings planting what you will eat. You will save money on fertilizers by making compost of your wastes. You can preserve your harvests for low seasons and save money you would be using to buy other produce.

3. It is healthy

Consuming what you have planted is healthier than purchasing produces you have no clear idea where they are from. With people enhancing their products using chemicals, you evade chances of getting sick from toxins and remain safe with your produce. You use organic seeds during planting and your own compost fertilizer eradicating scientific enhancements from your produce. You can also monitor what kinds of pesticides come into contact with your food.

4. It is good for your kids

Involving the kids in gardening and weeding gives them an early idea of engaging in farming. It is a healthy way for them to exercise and a good family time for you. You can begin teaching them about food production and healthy eating. From this point, they will have a positive attitude towards fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. A good stress reliever

Gardening activities alleviate stress from your body by keeping you occupied. The interaction with nature allows for fresh air and serenity calming you down. a garden is often described as involving involuntary attention which means you can interact and enjoy nature which gives you a restorative effect.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons a Kitchen Garden is a Great Idea”

  1. Great tips!! I would love to have a garden in my kitchen, but we always deal with some unwanted bugs when I try to have plants. I’ll have to see if I can find a way to do it. I love my outdoor garden, though! 🙂


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