List of Shower Accessories

Nowadays, shower room is personalized for convenience and comfort that it paved way to the development of an array of shower accessories. Even if you have a smaller or a larger shower space, then there is something functional that you can stuff in.

With the daily routines that you do in the shower room, you can improve your shower experience with accessories and other extra stuff. They are usually defined as shower hardware such as the following.

  • shower room
    Shower curtains
    – These shower accessories are available in various themes, colors and materials that would give the place an appearance of an extra shower space.
  • Shower caddies – These shower caddies are perfect for smaller showers because it will fit on the showerhead or can be hanged on curtain bars. Such stuff can be used as storage for shampoo, conditioner, soap and even razors.
  • Fog free mirrors – One of the shower accessories is the shower mirror that is beneficial for men to accomplish their shaving routines. It could facilitate such hygiene measure because the mirror does not fog up easily even when steamy water is placed near them. In addition to this, the shower mirrors may come in a variety of design and features that could hold shaving creams, razors and other essential stuff.
  • Soap holder – The soap holder will never be absent in your shower accessories list. As the name implies, it is used to hold soap and you can place the said accessory at any part of your shower unit.
  • Shampoo and conditioner dispenser – Having this kind of accessory in your shower unit, you can avoid mess in dispensing shampoo or conditioner. In addition to this, you can take control of the amount that will be dispensed.
  • Waterproof music players – Singing could improve your shower experience but when there is an accompaniment, then the better it would be for a soloist. With this, there are now waterproof music players such as radios, MP3 players and CD players.
  • Towel bars – Shower accessories like the towel bars will serve as a placement for the towels, dry and wet clothing. With such excellent purpose, you will go no worry of where you are going to place your pieces.
  • Shower trays – The shower trays could either be made from resin, ceramic or acrylic. It comes in different sizes, shapes and style that would befit the owner’s ideal on shower trays.
  • Shower screens – Shower screens are usually made from acrylic or glass and the selection for these accessories will depend on the shower tray that you have bought.
  • Shower heads – The shower heads come in a variety of models and style. There are models that could deliver a larger volume of water while others are not. Aside from this, there are two kinds of shower heads to choose from. These are fixed shower head and the other one is handheld. The former is mounted on the wall while the other one is movable and is held by the person.

The shower experience of an individual is greatly impacted by shower accessories. However, not all of these accessories can be accommodated by the people since the size and style of shower units vary from one to another.

Image Credit : Shower Room by jtstewart

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