Office Interior Design Trends of 2014

In recent times, we have seen radical developments in office spaces as companies evolve and desire more communicative, more receptive environments for their staff. Ultimately, to encourage collaboration, flexibility and creativity, office designs must reflect the requirements of modern day employees.


Collaboration Among Co-Workers

A lot of us know stories of innovative people beginning their business in a garage with fold out chairs, creating success in an atmosphere of dynamism and vivacity. When their companies grew larger and they obtained professional office spaces, the vitality and drive decreased. The energy they shared was stuck in personal workspaces and was lost when the dynamics changed. A contemporary office captures the energy of the garage startup. It is collaborative and open, allowing for a balance of private and teamwork time. Professional designers of office space like TU Projects are experienced in making the very best use of the space you have available to give both shared and private space.

Open Spaces that Evoke Collaboration

The term “hot desking” describes giving employees the freedom to move around the office and work where they desire. This practice has its advantages – staff don’t get stuck in ruts, can meet individuals in other teams, and feel they have a level of control over their environment. However, a modern office doesn’t necessarily require hot desking. Make sure you respond to the specific needs of your team. If your team require separate individual work areas, consider open lounges and meeting spaces make it easy for colleagues to meet freely.

Room to Move

Modern offices should allow movement. Mobility is a big trend in current interior design. From mobile office chairs that allow employees to move around their space to standing height tables and stools, modern design trends allow for the mobility and movement of your workers. This new age seating and workspace arrangement promotes collaboration and flexibility while also decreasing the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Kitchen and Common Eating Rooms

Whether in the office environment or not, it’s common knowledge that people tend to socialise and commune with food. Space for a proper kitchen and eating area will encourage employees to share conversations over lunch. This is a really good way of promoting innovative, cooperative teams that work well together.

Bright Colours and Furnishings

White or cream walls are definitely out with the 90s. In 2014, bold, vibrant colours are being used to liven up the office. Many studies show that colour stimulates creativity and productivity, so bright and fun colours and patterns are increasingly popular on office walls and furnishings.

Bring in a Little of the Outdoors

Being cooped up in tiny, partitioned offices all day definitely doesn’t motivate people. Apart from new furnishings, ergonomic chairs and colourful walls, bring a little of the great outdoors into the office with plants, flowers and greenery. An outdoor area for eating and staff meetings can also promote productivity.

As far as design trends go, 2014 is proving a fun and dynamic year. The focus is on solutions that drive collaboration and productivity among all employees. How could you change your office design to make work a great place to be.

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