5 Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Is it time to update your bathroom? Are you sick of looking into the same old mirror in the same old room, day in and day out? Imagine walking into a fresh new bathroom, clean white walls glimmering, warmth rising from the heated floors underfoot. Renovating is a great idea for bringing new character into your home. Sometimes all it takes is changing just one small part of the room. But creating a whole new bathroom can be simple with just a few easy steps.


1. Replace that old Vanity

A new vanity alone can be enough the reshape the entire bathroom. There is a lot to consider when choosing a basin and cupboard. Is there enough storage? Are you looking for double or single vanity? Will the colours match the rest of the room? Modern vanities come in just about any shape, size and material you could desire. Make sure to consider added features that could be provided, such as wall shelving for extra storage. A store like Vinci Living can provide you with just the vanity you need to start reimagining your bathroom.

2 Rip up Old Worn Tiles

Tiles are a vital part of the bathroom. How you place them can make all the difference. Lighter coloured tiles help illuminate a room and give a sense of added space. It is a great idea to keep white coloured tiles to the walls while covering the floor in a darker colour to keep it looking clean. Floor heating is a must have for all modern bathrooms. Keeping the hard tiles warm makes them much more comfortable to stand on during the colder months of the year.

3. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

How could any bathroom be complete without a mirror? To keep the bathroom looking spacious and modern, a single mirror above the vanity is the best choice. Framing the mirror in a matching style to the vanity sink helps bring a stronger sense of unity to the room.

4. Lights

Lighting is vital to any room, but has added functions within the bathroom. Light placement is key to getting the bathroom just right. A ceiling light will illuminate the room, giving it the light it needs, while lights set above the mirror will remove the shadows created by the ceiling light, giving you the clear vision you need. Dimmers and heating lights give you all the extra comforts you could look for. Dimmers keep back the harsh bright lights early in the morning, while the heaters warm up the room to a comfortable temperature in the colder parts of the year.

5. The Final Touch

Bathroom accessories are the final touch your renovated bathroom needs. Picking the appropriate towels and bathmats is important for your new room to come to life. Earthy colours such as greens and browns will bring a warm, homely feel to the room.

With all these steps complete you will be left with an entirely new room – one you can use every day in total comfort. Can you think of any great ways to revitalise your bathroom?

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas”

  1. All good ideas too. I have to share this with my parents as they might want to remodel their own bathroom with these tips!

  2. I need to revamp completely my master bathroom, I am planning on getting rid of the tiles…It’s a big project but i am excited about it.

  3. All these are great ideas about renovation and I believe ones can apply it in order structures of the house not only baturoom

  4. These are great tips! I agree with you that lighting is vital and this is why we are planning to upgrade our bathroom lights next month. Thank you for sharing.


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