6 Home Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is a very important aspect of home maintenance. However, cleaning regularly takes up too much time, time that could be used in doing other important tasks. By cleaning efficiently, one can effectively reduce the time to a considerable amount. That is usually done by identifying cleaning tasks that take up too much time and working to reduce the time spent on them. This can be done using simple DIY home hacks.

The following are some of the hacks:

cleaning hacks

1. Using Baking Powder to wipe wall smudge

Baking powder is a lifesaver when it comes to wall cleaning. Add about two teaspoonfuls of the baking powder to a half glass of water. Using a sponge, apply the mixture to the walls, with children markings and smudge stains. This is a simple and fast way to clean a wall which saves you time for other chores.

2. Using an Iron to clean carpet stains

You need water and vinegar for this hack. Apply the water and vinegar mix to the carpet stains then use a hot iron to steam out the stains. It is that simple and saves you a great deal of time you would be using to clean the whole carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Using vinegar to clean blinds

Cleaning blinds usually require them to be taken down and soaked in detergents. However, with just a homogenous mix of water and vinegar, you can clean out dirt spots and base of the blinds by spraying the mix on the dirty areas. This saves you a lot of effort and time you would otherwise use in washing.

4. Using oil to clean greasy surfaces

Soapy water works to clean greasy surfaces using various cleaning appliances. However, that usually means spending a lot of time on the task as it is not very efficient. Vegetable oil on a paper towel, on the other hand, can clean greasy and oily surfaces just as efficiently as any other cleaning substance.

5. Using alcohol to clean stains on fiber

Rubbing alcohol works really great in removing the stains from microfiber. All you need is a clean sponge and a bristle brush, particularly one that does not have color so as to avoid transferring the color. You then spray the surface with the stain and wait for it to dry before rubbing it off with the sponge.

6. Using salt to remove fabric stains

Apply salt to the stained area of your cloth or fabric, let it sit for a while then wash with soap and water. You will notice the stains are gone and the fabric color remains as before, unlike detergents which fade fabric colors.

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