Carpet Stain Cleaning: What you Should and Shouldn’t do

There’s nothing like the feel of a lush shag-pile carpet under foot but what to do when you spill your first glass of red wine? You could always call a commercial cleaning company such as AMC Brisbane who can professionally clean your carpets or you could give the tips below a try – good luck!



By reducing the amount of dirt that gets into your carpet, you’ll reduce the need for cleaning. Always invest in a good-quality doormat so most of the grime and dirt gets left at the front door. If dirt is an issue, make sure that you’re using your vacuum cleaner on the right setting; if it’s too high then it won’t pick up the dirt, but if it’s too low, then you could damage both the vacuum cleaner and your carpet.

Clean Stains Immediately

Swift action when a stain occurs can save you a lot of time, money and trouble. The longer you leave a stain, the harder it’s going to be to remove. Start by pressing a clean, dry cloth (preferably white is best at this point) over the stain to absorb it. Do not rub or you’ll risk pushing the stain further into the carpet. If it appears to be working and you’ve got most of the stain out, switch to a damp cloth to try and get the remainder of the stain out. Alternate between dry and damp cloths, switching to clean ones when required.

Do it Yourself

A professional will do the job better than you could ever hope to but DIY is always an option. You can rent a steam cleaner from most supermarkets – just be sure to follow these important steps. Give the carpet a good vacuuming before busting out the steamer. Pre-treat heavily stained and high traffic areas with a solution of detergent and hot water in a spray bottle and let this rest for 10 minutes or so before starting. Move any furniture that’s going to get in your way – you’ll get a better finish if you can do the whole area in one go. Don’t over-soak the carpet and be sure to let it dry thoroughly before allowing people, animals or children into the area.

Do not use Heat

It’s okay to use a hairdryer to dry a spot once you’ve got the stain out, but never use heat before you’ve gotten rid of the stain, as you’ll run the risk of sealing the stain into the carpet and then you will never get rid of it.

Know your Carpet

Make sure you know what material your carpet is made from as each type of carpet will need a different approach; for example, you never use heat or bleach on a wool carpet. If you’re using a cleaning product, make sure it suits your carpet in order to get the best results and avoid further damage!

How do you keep your carpet clean? Do you have any go-to solutions that work wonders? Share your answers by commenting below.

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