My Step-by-Step Journey to Check and Fix the Noise Filter on My LG Washing Machine

It can be very scary to find an unexpected noise coming from a home device. That’s how I felt when my LG washing machine started making strange noises. At first, I thought it was just a short-term problem, but when the noise kept happening, I knew I needed to look into it. Checking and fixing the noise filter on my LG washing machine taught me a lot. I’m writing this to share what I learned in the hopes that it will help you with similar problems.

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Identifying the Problem

The first thing I did was figure out that the sounds might be coming from a broken noise filter. The noise filter in an LG washing machine keeps electrical noise from getting in the way of the wash routine. You can’t miss the humming or buzzing sound it makes when it breaks.

Locating the Noise Filter

With the help of my user guide and a screwdriver, I sought out the noise blocker. The noise blocker for most LG washing machines is in the back, close to the bottom of the machine. It is in a small box that has wires going to and from it. To keep from getting shocked by electricity, make sure the washing machine is unplugged before you try to get to the noise filter.

Checking the Noise Filter

Checking the noise filter involved a few simple steps:

  1. Visual Inspection: I started by examining the noise filter for any obvious signs of damage, such as burns or cracks. To my relief, there were no visible faults.
  2. Continuity Test: Next, I used a multimeter to perform a continuity test. Setting the multimeter to the continuity setting, I touched the probes to the noise filter’s terminals. A continuous beep indicated that the noise filter was electrically sound. If it had failed this test, it would have meant that the noise filter was indeed the culprit and needed replacement.

Fixing the Issue

Since my noise filter passed the continuity test, the problem lay elsewhere. However, for those who find their noise filter faulty, replacing it is straightforward:

  1. Purchase a Replacement: You can find a replacement noise filter for your LG washing machine model online or at a local appliance parts store.
  2. Install the New Filter: Remove the old filter by disconnecting the wires (taking note of where each wire goes) and unscrewing it from the washing machine. Attach the new filter by reversing the removal steps.

Final Thoughts

I checked the noise filter on my LG washing machine, but it wasn’t the problem. The process of checking it was very educational. When trying to fix a device problem, you should be patient and careful. Don’t be afraid to call a professional if you don’t feel safe doing these steps yourself. Remember that regular maintenance can stop a lot of problems before they happen, so keep an eye on your machines and fix any noises that don’t sound right away.

In my case, more research led to an easy answer: a loose coin stuck in the drum. Taking it down brought back the peace. This experience made me realize how important it is to keep up with normal maintenance and how helpful it can be to fix problems with home appliances on your own. If your washing machine or any other gadget is making noise, remember that the answer is sometimes only a few steps away.

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