How To Maintain Your Barbeque

It’s important to thoroughly clean your barbeque after each use, as well as giving it an annual cleaning. Although it may seem like a lot of work, it really doesn’t take more than 5 minutes before and after your barbeque session. All it requires is a little elbow grease and some effective cleaning solutions. If you’re looking for some help and guidance on how to best clean your barbeque to keep it working well for years to come, read on. Here are 3 tips on keeping your barbeque clean, functional and bug free!

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1. Pre cooking maintenance.

Before cooking any food, it’s helpful to use a wire brush to scrape away any debris from the racks, hot plate, and the general surrounds. You’ll need to turn the barbeque on and let it get a little hot before beginning. Failing a wire brush, you can also use aluminium foil to clean your cooking surface. After that, it’s useful to apply some oil to the cooking surface with either some paper towel or a heat-resistant brush. Try and use oil that won’t oxidize at high temperatures – like coconut oil – to prevent sticking. You are now ready to barbeque. See, that wasn’t too hard now was it!

2. Post cooking maintenance.

Once you’ve finished cooking your food, allow your grill to cool slightly, and then take your wire brush or aluminum foil and scrape your grill racks again. This will prevent food and grease buildup from sticking and becoming a problem later. Greasy buildup can really effect the taste of your food, so it is important to always start and finish with a clean grill rack.

3. Annual maintenance.

If you’re about to fire up your barbeque for the first time this year, then you’ll want to complete a thorough cleaning before you decide to cook anything. Usually, bugs and dust find their way into every nook and cranny of your barbeque, and no doubt you’ll want to remove these before cooking your food! (Indeed, over the long term, residual food, dust and insect build up can affect the life of your barbeque, and how well it cooks your food. If you’ve purchased a high quality barbeque – such as those found at Barbeques Galore– no doubt you’ll want to keep your purchase in functional form for years to come.) For a great annual cleaning, disassemble everything and clean all parts individually and thoroughly with baking soda, a little water, and some steel wool. Be careful not to scratch the cooking surface with the steel wool though (indeed, perhaps use the steel wool on the interior, but a softer cloth on the actual cooking surface of your barbeque), and give everything a nice rinse with fresh water before reassembling.

Whether you’re bringing your barbeque out of hiding, or preparing for your next BBQ, it’s always a great idea to give it a good old cleaning. Just don’t forget to store it properly (inside, or at least under cover during winter to protect it from rain) when not in use, and no doubt your barbeque will work like a beast for years to come.

Image Credit : Clean Grill by Josh Partin

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