4 Tips That Will Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Net Zero Carbon Home 3

Walk into your living room and look up at the warm glow radiating from your incandescent light bulb. You know you should be more conscious of the environment, but changing to energy saving CFL bulbs seems like all too much effort; there isn’t room in your budget for expensive save the environment, go-hug-a-tree gadgets. Fortunately there are a few simple things you can do to not only help the planet, but leave a little extra cash in your wallet too! Be kind to the environment AND your bank account.

Indoor Clothesline

Do you have a garage? Do you have one metre square of clear space in your house? What about a veranda or balcony? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, you can save significant dollars on your power bill by ditching the clothes dryer. Mount a fold out clothesline on your garage wall or rig a long rope between cross beams; you can dry your washing rain, hail or shine. Alternatively, pick up a cheap clothes drying rack from your local department store.

Homemade Cleaning Products

Forget the toxic chemicals, chances are your pantry already contains everything you need to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products. Mix vinegar, baking soda and water in a reusable spray bottle for your go-to multi-purpose cleaner. Lemon juice is a powerful, natural cleaning agent, perfect for removing stains from your kitchen chopping board or whitening that mouldy bathroom grout. Using these four ingredients in different combinations will allow to you to clean almost anything and get rid of harsh cleaning products for good.


As hours threaten to overrun your schedule, kill two birds with one mower blade. Make your own natural mulch for free by spreading lawn clippings, dead leaves, small branches and other plant matter across your garden beds. Combine this with any decomposable kitchen scraps to create nutrient rich fertiliser. Make sure to add a little moisture to the garden to help your plants absorb all that organic goodness.

Pool Cover

The backyard pool is a royal pain to maintain, creating more family arguments and stress points than any other must-do task (aside from the washing up). Retail stores will pitch you countless essential accessories and products, claiming their crucial applications for keeping your pool in tip top shape. The truth is, evaporation is one of the biggest factors contributing to water and heat loss in your pool. A simple cover can prevent not only evaporation but pesky braches, leaves and other debris from dirtying your backyard pool. Fabric Solutions Australia can help pick the right cover for you.

Time will always be a factor, nobody has enough of it to string three must-do’s together, let alone a whole list to environmentally makeover their home. Don’t stress if you can’t implement all of these at once! Transition to an eco-friendly house one simple and cost effective step at a time.

Image Credit : Net Zero Carbon Home 3 by Uliany Uliany

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