5 Things to Consider When Building Your First Home

Building a home is often a thrilling and challenging venture. As the walls appear around you, so does your future life, filled with cooking, entertaining, family and friends. While it is tempting to rush headlong into making your dream a reality, there are many things to consider. Ron Bakir, founder and CEO of HomeCorp, a large Australian property development company, has years of experience in the industry and using his wisdom, here are several tips to get you started.


1. Location

There’s a very good reason why location is often touted as the most important thing to consider when investing or building a home. While a cracked ceiling can be repaired or a room can be re-decorated, you cannot change your location. Don’t make a decision you’ll regret later; research the local area well and make sure that it is suitable for your needs. Ask questions such as: are there public transport options? Is the area too noisy for me? Are any major roadworks planned in the near future? This is a common issue that Ron Bakir and his team face as they identify and plan for new urban developments.

2. Space

Depending on your needs and the size of your intended home, space can be a very crucial factor. By having effective storage space options, such as closets, you can make the most of a situation where you are low on space but high in possessions. Don’t forget to look into the far future if you are intending on staying in your home for a long time. Will the number of occupants in your house increase? Will you be running a home business? These are the types of questions that you should ask yourself in the planning phase.

3. Your Builder

All too often you see shoddy builders being exposed on investigatory television shows, as well as the shattered dreams they leave behind them. Don’t be a victim. Once you are ready to start building, thoroughly research building contractor options and always verify their testimonials. Alternatively, you could ask any friends or family members who have recently built a property for their builder’s details. The building process is lengthy and stressful; you will need someone who communicates effectively and who is reliable and trustworthy.

4. Check the Fine Print

While it may be tedious, ensuring that the necessary approvals are received and paperwork is filled out means that you will avoid possible fines or censures. Seek out expert advice if you are unsure whether all regulations are being complied with and never sign a contract if you are not familiar with all the terms or you are not comfortable with the payment arrangement.

5. Landscaping

An important part of your new home is undoubtedly the space that surrounds it, so don’t forget about it! Make sure that you take into account any desired alterations to your garden, balcony and/or backyard when it comes to planning your budget. Will you be building a cubby house? Or a gazebo? What about a birdbath? Are you intending to plant some trees? Just like the rooms in your house, having an outline for your landscaping works will benefit you greatly down the track.

What do you think? Are there any major factors that should be considered? If you have stories to share, please do so in the box below.

Image Credit : Home Under Construction by Rishichhibber

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