A Safer, Better Bathroom for the Family


Bathrooms can be a dangerous place, considering that water and soap can easily make areas slippery. Here are some practical tips to make the bathroom safe for everyone in the family.

Use Unglazed Tiles

Glazed floor tiles should be avoided at all costs because these are already slippery even when not wet. Unglazed ones with rough areas are the perfect choice for a wet environment. If you really want to have those nice glazed tiles, use them on the walls instead.

Use Nonslip Mats and Rugs

In buying bathrooms mats and rugs, choose those that come with non-slip bottoms. The rubberized material at the bottom with cling better to the tiles yet the upper surface remains absorbent and nice.

Use Tempered Glass

Standard glass may be cheaper but tempered glass is much safer to use. Estimated to be 3 times stronger than standard glass, tempered glass is resistant to breaking. Moreover, if the glass does break, it breaks into smooth, pebble-like particles and not as sharp pieces.

Install Proper Lighting

Make sure the bathroom is properly lighted. If possible, use wall lighting aside from general lighting. This would be perfect for areas with mirrors or in lavatories.

Install Proper Outlets

The combination of electricity and water can be deadly so make sure that outlets are placed sparingly in the bathroom. If really necessary, make sure to pick waterproof outlets. Also, install these away from sources of water and away from reach of curious kids.

It is also important to teach kids (and adults!) about the safe use of plugged electronic items. Stress out that plugged electronic items should not be placed near the bathtub or shower stall because if these fall in, electrocution could happen. Better yet, ban electronic gadgets in the bathrooms.

Install Proper Ventilation

Remove odor and moisture from the bathroom by installing proper ventilation. Use an exhaust fan if it is not possible to have a window in the bathroom.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are not just for homes with elderly residents. These can be helpful for all ages, providing a sturdy support to hold in case of accidents and slips.

Image Credit : Red Bathroom by Stilfehler

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