Banish the Manchair: Find an Armchair Your Man Will Love

Replacing that battered and hideous chair that your significant other is attached to is easier that you think. A man chair must have key elements that make it appealing to a man. Get the elements right, and you’ll have no problem luring him to a new chair that actually fits in with your décor.

Read the tips below to find out how to choose an armchair that your man can’t resist.


An armchair must be comfortable more than anything else. Don’t get so caught up in the trappings of design, sleek lines, and color that you forget that comfort will be the most crucial concern for a man. The chair should have a high back and a head rest where he could lay his head back and relax.



Men love leather, so a leather armchair is a must. What is about leather that appeals to men? It could be the look, feel, smell or just the idea of having a leather chair. Whatever it is, make sure that you head straight to the leather section of the furniture store and choose a chair in a rich texture and color.

An armrest

An armrest is an essential part of any armchair. Keep in mind that not just any armrest will do; you need to find one that extends to the front of the chair so you his hands won’t hang over the edge.

A footrest

Your man also needs to place to put his feet up. An easy to extend, softly padded footrest is just the type of relaxation he needs after a hard day at work.


Pockets on the side of the chair provide sufficient storage place for magazines, books, the remote control, iPad and anything else that needs to be within easy reach.


Most men prefer armchairs that are roomy and not boxed in. The chair doesn’t need to be bulky and thick, but it should have sufficient room for lounging. This means that there should be sufficient room at the top to accommodate his shoulders. If he’s tall, the chair should have depth and length to accommodate his back, legs and head comfortably.


A dainty chair might blend in with your living area, but it’s not what he needs. Choose a style that’s rugged and attractive as he is. It’s the type of chair that he’ll feel comfortable lounging around in all day long – even in the presence of visitors.

Angular lines

Angular lines are masculine, so go for angles not curves. Clean lines with angles in the back or front will complement any décor and appeal to his senses. Every bit of the chair, from the armrests to the headrest, should scream masculine appeal.

Something that says he’s king

A man’s home is his castle, and his armchair is his throne. As you search for chairs, look for one that’s befitting of a king.

Take these points into consideration, and you’ll find a chair that he won’t mind having as a replacement for his unsightly man chair.

About the Author : Leah Woodward is a retired furniture upholsterer. She likes to spend her days reading and writing on various blogs. 

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