Basic Repair Techniques to Fix Any Kind of Lamp

If you have a faulty lamp that you’ve been thinking of replacing, think twice. Repairing a lamp is one of the easiest Do-It-Yourself projects you could do. In a short period of time, you can easily fix and get your lamp running back again.

The construction of the basic structure of lamps are all the same. With a few basic techniques and tools, you can repair, fix and restore any kind of lamp you have.

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Here are common lamp issues and how to fix them:

Light bulb not responding / not switching on

First thing to do is to always disconnect the lamp from the power. When the bulb is not responding, it means you have a bad connection with the bulb.

Remove the bulb. Inside the base of the socket in the center, is a strip of metal that connects to the center of the bulb’s base. Take a needle nose pier and try to pry it up. Maybe it has been flattened over time and can no longer connect to the bulb’s base.

Check cords and wires for damage

Another option is checking the wires for any damage. If you do not see any obvious damage to the wires, use a multimeter. Remove the bulb socket. Plug the leads in and turn the dial setting of the multimeter into resistance. When there is continuity or connection between two points, you see a display change. If there is damage on the wire, there will be no display change on the meter. If you have no connection on both wires, you need to replace your AC wires.

fix a lamp
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Next, you check the socket’s silver screw and a gold screw. The silver connects to the outside metal shield while the gold connects to the center. Again, check both screws for continuity. If the gold shows no continuity, you need to have the socket replaced.

Lamp is loose and wobbly

Look at the bottom of your lamp for the nut and use an appropriate wrench for tightening.

Make sure you have adjusted your switch to your preferred position before tightening the nut at the bottom.

fix a lamp
Screengrab: Alley Picked via YouTube

Repurpose an old lamp

You can also repurpose an old lamp by doing the same basic repair techniques. Check the bulbs, wire and connection for continuity. Also make repairs for any damage on its appearance.

Check the wires of the socket. If it’s already frayed, you need to restrip it and reconnect them. Cut the remaining cord open leaving about three inches exposed. Using a pliers, peel off the insulation on the cord to expose the copper wires. Reconnect them back to the socket.

Remember that fixing a lamp is easy, if you know the basic techniques. Aside from the visible damage, you need to pay attention to wires and connections. With the right tools, you can easily fix your broken lamp back in no time.

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