Best Trees for Privacy That Grow Fast

If you are looking for a tree for privacy, you are thinking great because having a living fence is sustainable and good for the environment. Trees require low maintenance because they know how to adapt themselves to their environment, and they can provide you privacy as well from an interposing neighbor.

Top 9 best trees for your privacy that grows fast

You have a lot of best trees used for privacy for you to choose from. There are factors that you need to consider while you are choosing a tree for your green fence. Following are some of the best trees you can plant for your privacy.

Green Giant Thuja

1. Hybrid Willow Tree

Hybrid Willow Tree has the attribute of growing quickly and covering in very little time. It has an amazing growth rate of 6 to 12 feet per annum. This tree resists diseases. That is why it can reach its mature height in only 5 years. Hybrid Willow Tree is easily grown in cold places, and the foliage is very dense, making them a good windbreak tree. Their height ranges from 35 to 45 feet if it is measured in rows. Alone it is 75 feet. The width range is between 20 feet.

2. Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress is popular for being used as the privacy trees more commonly. Leyland Cypress also grows quickly and is beautiful. These are great to be grown in the huge backyards.

It has been seen that in 15 years, they have reached a height of 50 feet. If Leyland Cypress is grown in rows, they create an amazing mass of impenetrable branches and provide a good cover from winds, heavy rains, snow, and noise. Their height rand is 40 to 60 feet if grown in rows. Individually they are 70 feet in height. Their width in rows is 15 to 20 feet and alone is 30 feet.

3. Spartan Juniper tree

If your backyard has accommodation problems and can’t accommodate large trees, then you can plant the Spartan Juniper tree.

The Spartan Juniper tree is best for midrange yards. If you plant the Spartan Juniper trees in a row, they can give a very uniform view of your yard. Their height range is about 15 feet, and their width ranges between 3 to 5 feet.  Make sure you plant them here. A lot of sunlight can reach them and not provide them with a lot of water because they cannot adapt to heavy pruning.

4. Sky Pencil Holly Tree

Sky Pencil Holly Tree takes up little area. They are the best privacy trees for you’re the little areas that you want to cover. Their height ranges from 8 to 10 feet, and the width range of Sky Pencil Holly Tree is 2 feet only. They provide you privacy along with not covering much space. They also provide maximum protection from heavy rains and winds.

5. Green Giant Thuja

The Green Giant Thuja are listed in one of the amazing and common trees that one can utilize for privacy concerns around their houses or backyards. Green Giant Thuja can quickly grow. They can be grown in cold temperatures. They are not affected by pests, and infections are not caused by Green Giant Thuja. Their shape is a cone and is very uniform. They show growth of 3 to 5 feet per year. A mature tree is about 30 to 50 feet. Its width ranges between 5 to 8 feet in rows.

6. Emerald Green Thuja Tree

Emerald Green Thuja Tree is half the size of the Green Giant Thuja. It will offer the elegant green beauty of the Green Giant Thuja but in a bit short size.

It has a mature size of 12 to 14 feet. They grow by 5 to 9 inches per annum. They can be of great use for landscape for the areas where the space is low. Their width ranges between 3 to 4 feet in rows. When you are planting them in rows, they must have space of 2 feet so that you can get good coverage for your privacy.

7. Flowering Dogwood Trees

Flowering Dogwoods are also nice privacy trees that provide good coverage seasonally. They come in different colors like red, pink and white.

They grow ornamental berries. Flowering Dogwood Trees have a mature height of 15 to 25 feet, and their width ranges from 15 to 25 feet. They should be grown in not too dry soil. If you want to plant Flowering Dogwood Trees as a fence for privacy, plant the trees in a row with 20 feet of gap between the trees.

8. Weeping Podocarpus

People living in California and Florida love to use Weeping Podocarpus for their private purposes. Weeping Podocarpus trees grow at a quick pace.

They can provide you with amazing coverage. Their mature height ranges from 35 to 45 feet and ranges from 10 to 20 feet.

Weeping Podocarpus can tolerate droughts and can be grown in dry soil. If you are planting these trees in a row, make sure that they have a space of 5 to 10 feet between them. Experts say that it is between planting the Weeping Podocarpus 10 to 15 feet apart from homes or other buildings.

9. Goldspire Ginkgo

These trees have beautiful pyramidal narrow shapes. The colors of the trees are beautiful fresh dark green, giving a very aesthetic look to the environment. Their mature height ranges from 14 to 16 feet, and the width range is between 5 to 6 feet. They turn golden every fall, giving the atmosphere a very stunning hue look. Please do not confuse the Goldspire Ginkgo tree with its cousin, Gingko. Gingko can have a height of 40 to 60 feet and have very fruits of a very pungent smell.

Last thoughts

Privacy trees are eco-friendly and enhance the environment. They require low maintenance because nature can require no human interference. You can choose between the above best privacy trees for your homes, buildings, and backyards.

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9 thoughts on “Best Trees for Privacy That Grow Fast”

  1. These are all great picks. They’re beautiful and they grow fast. I would ash trees to the list. They grow incredibly fast.

  2. Trees make a difference, not just for privacy but for keeping cool and other reasons. These fast- growing options are nice, too- no one wants to wait 20 years for a tree to grow!

  3. I love the idea of being surrounded by trees. In fact, my dream is to have a house fenced with oak trees. Anyway. if that’s too much, I’ll consider using some of the trees you suggested here.

  4. We’ve been thinking about adding some trees to block the view of our backyard from the road. But I was worried that they would take too long to grow – so thanks for these suggestions! It sounds like Leyland Cypress might be a good choice for our situation.

  5. I like this list of quick-growing privacy trees. I will have to keep that in mind if we ever actually buy the second house. LOL This post will be very useful!

  6. These are awesome choices! I don’t think they’re available in my place but they surely look so awesomeeeee 🙂


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