Five Signs That Your Apartment is Bad For Your Pet

Five Signs That Your Apartment is Bad For Your Pet

If you have relocated to a new apartment and you wish to make your pets as at home as you are on your new home, then there are some things that you can surely do. However, there are some apartments for rent that are not designed to be pet-friendly. How would you be able to determine if your apartment is one of these? Well, here are some telltale signs.

Balcony with wide railings. It is true that there is nothing much that you can do about the structure of your apartment—how the rooms are located, where the door is, the structure of the balcony. However, there is one thing that you can do –arrange your house in away that it will keep your pets safe. In the event that the railings in your balcony are too wide and your pet can easily wiggle through it or fall through, then your pet is in danger at your apartment.

Poisonous yet attractive plants. If the apartment you have moved in is adorned with beautiful yet harmful plants, then your pet is surely at great risk. Pets are attracted to anything colorful or beautiful. Because of this, they can easily and accidentally eat such plants. This will really lead to serious results. Some plants that are dangerous to cats and dogs include daffodils, oleander, hyacinths as well as poinsettias. Get rid of these as soon as possible.

Foods that ate easily accessible to pets. It can be quite easy to train your dog not to jump or eat your foods when you are there. However, any pet will surely not be able to resist the temptation when you are not around. The sad part is, pets will eat just about anything that’s easily accessible. Too bad, they will not be able to determine which foods are good for them.

Lack of green spaces. If you are living in apartment which is located in the heart of the city, chances are the apartment complex will not offer any green spaces for your pet to do your business. Like us, our pets have this natural requirement to walk, run and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Gang of stray dogs. In the event that the apartment complex houses a gang of stray dogs, then no house pet will ever be safe. When you go on a walk or a jog with your pet, you will surely be threatened by this gang.

In the event that your apartment has one, some or all of these signs, then it is best that you start looking for remedies. You can surely find solutions for these. In the event that a solution is not possible, then look for a new apartment right away.

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