Furniture you Should add to Bring your Deck to Life

Who doesn’t like to curl up in the sun with a good book? Throw some comfy cushions into the equation and it’s a recipe for relaxation. If you’re getting a new patio or deck built, companies like Additions Building can give you some great advice on what works well – or you can just give into the temptation and buy whatever takes your fancy. Here are a few essentials that you’ll definitely want on your deck.


Day Beds

It’s all well and good to sit in a chair but why do things by halves? Get yourself a day bed and you’ll never leave your deck again! The great thing about day beds is the sheer scale of choice available. Day beds can be plain or ornately carved and wooden or constructed from a variety of other materials. Whatever your preference, you can get the perfect day bed to complement your exterior design vision. Just make sure to include as many cushions as possible.

Tables and Chairs

There’s something that’s just so refreshing about sitting down to a meal on a warm summer’s evening with the stars above you. Whether it’s a romantic meal for two or hectic meal-times with the family, a solid table and chairs will always be in use on your deck. Just make sure you buy a set that’s built to last, because they’re sure to get plenty of wear. Also remember that functionality doesn’t mean that you have to forego style when it comes to your tables and chairs – shop around and you’ll see there are plenty of quirky, funky furniture settings to choose from.

Fire Pits

Open fires and wooden decks don’t necessarily spell disaster as long as you ensure that your fire pit is in a sensible location with a heat-resistant base. Just remember to build your fire to the capacity of your pit and don’t get carried away by the hypnotic flames. A small fire that doesn’t scorch holes in your deck will always be better than a raging inferno!


If you’re unsure about fire pits then perhaps the controllability of a gas heater is more to your liking? A gas heater is the perfect way to keep warm while still enjoying your outdoor space in the cooler months. Heaters come in a variety of stylish shapes and prices to suit all budgets so you don’t need to purchase a huge heater to get the warmth you’re looking for – and if you opt for a more sculptural shaped heater, then it can stay on the deck during the warmer months as a work of art.

Statues and Sculpture

It may seem strange to include statues and sculpture under the heading of furniture but, discounting the hideously tacky ones available at many outlets, the delicate curves of a well-carved piece of sculpture are remarkably pleasing to the eye. What pleases the eye usually pleases the heart so why not invest in a genuine work of art for your deck?

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