Important Design Tips to Remember when Renovating


Renovations can seem daunting, especially if you are considering restructuring your entire home. To relieve some of that stress Lyndhurst Lumber can help out with a lot of the big projects. There are many points and parts to think about, and they should, ideally, work together cohesively. One of the most important aspects of renovation is design, and this can influence not just the look of your house or room, but also how comfortable you might feel in it. To that effect, here are some design tips you may want to keep in mind when you are planning your renovation, or even when it is underway.

Lighting Plan

Lighting is extremely important, no matter what kind of room you are renovating. How much light you want to bring in is, of course, your decision – but just keep in mind that darker colours exude warmth and paler colours give an impression of spaciousness. Lighting can also be accentuated by strategically placed lamps, which can double as accessories, if you are so inclined. This, combined with a good dose of natural sunlight, is usually a foolproof method to abide by. Glass windows and doors are a great way to introduce and provide a pathway for light through your house, and specialists in door installations like A J Doors can help you choose something that works for your particular space.

Colour Scheme

A coherent colour scheme is important in a home because it will tie everything together for you. Decide what kind of feel you want for your room, and go from there. There are many different colour palettes you can choose from, so select one you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to experiment – sometimes letting creativity speak for itself is great – but do remember to be consistent, lest you end up with a house characterised by splotches of misplaced colour.

Simple is Best

If this is your first time renovating, don’t make it too hard on yourself by complicating things too much. Keeping it simple will make sure your design concept is clearer in your mind, and therefore you can be more focussed on putting your plan into place. Simplicity will also make your house easier to navigate, and will probably be easier on the eye than busier patterns and colours.

Use of Space

Space is very important in all rooms, no matter what kind of dwelling you live in. Even large spaces can feel cramped at times, but there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Set one focal point per room, and don’t decorate with too many knick knacks – too many accessories lying around can give the impression of clutter and constraint.

These are just some important design tips you may want to bear in mind when you are renovating. These are, of course, just guidelines and you shouldn’t take them as fact – but they may serve you well on your renovation journey. Do remember to also follow your instincts, but just make sure you do all your research and plan accordingly.

Have you ever undertaken a renovation? What did you find most difficult about this time? Do you agree with the tips mentioned above? Leave your thoughts down below.

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12 thoughts on “Important Design Tips to Remember when Renovating”

  1. This is a great resource for anyone thinking about redesigning a space. I love that you included lighting. So many people forget what a big part lighting plays in design.

  2. I love these important design tips to remember when renovating your home or business. Especially the tip for keeping it simple. Minimalistic designs and great use of space make a home warm and inviting.

  3. Renovation can be so stressful! These are all wonderful tips. Most of the rooms in my house are fairly small, so use of space is super important to us.

  4. not renovating anytime soon. but will keep this in mind for i’ll be having a new home building in a year or two..

  5. These are great reminders! We love renovating! We just redid our kitchen and it has an entirely different look and feel! We focused on updating it and making the space more functional.

  6. We will be renovating our bathroom soon so I will take your points into consideration. The process of renovating can be nerve-wracking but I always love the end result.

  7. I find that many people fall short on the lighting. It is, of course, a mistake as the lighting can make or break a room.


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