Solar Power: Go Green At Home In 2014

There’s never been a better time to go solar. Electricity prices are going through the roof and further rises are on the way. So why not make 2014 the year to go green at home?


How it Works

In a nutshell, solar power works by turning sunlight into energy. Solar panels are mounted in a position to capture the maximum amount of sun, usually on the roof. Sunlight falls on the panels which cleverly convert sunlight into direct current power.

The sun’s energy is free and available to everyone. Cloudy and wet weather does affect solar power, reducing the amount of energy available for output. And of course power is not generated at night time. For this reason most people use electricity as back-up energy.

Beware the Cowboys

Talk to someone reputable about installing solar power and get an accurate and final quote for purchase and installation. Industry professionals can be found at http://www.hallandbaum.com.au/ and can offer you sound advice on what product is best suited to your needs. Like most popular trends, the solar power industry has attracted less than reputable sales people keen to exploit the benefits of solar power for their own profits. Look around, do your homework and talk to home-owners who have solar power.

Clean and Safe

Solar energy is clean and safe. Solar power emits no fumes, pollution or carbon dioxide, in other words it does not emit greenhouse gases. Installing solar in your home is a significant step to lowering your carbon footprint. Using electricity made from coal is not good for the environment. Making changes to get off that system make perfect environmental sense.

Generate Your Own Electricity

By installing solar panels on your home you harness the sun’s energy and convert it into power to use around your home. After the initial installation costs, solar power is free. And any excess power you produce can go back into the grid and make you money!

Save Money

You will save money by installing solar power to your home. It may take a little while to recoup your initial outlay, but over time the savings will begin to add up. A reputable dealer can help you accurately calculate how long it will take to pay back your investment through savings on energy bills. After that period is over, you are saving money on power each and every day. It’s a no brainer; solar power makes good financial sense.

Add Value to your Property

Installing solar will add value to your property. Solar power is highly desired by many home buyers and will make your property a more attractive purchase, particularly if you are making money by reselling power back to the grid. Solar panels are designed to last around 25 years, which represents years of savings on power to any prospective homebuyers.

Installation is Easy

Choose a solar system based on the advice of an expert and have it installed by an accredited installer. It’s that simple.

Image Credit :  Solar Panels on a Roof by Pujanak

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  1. Solar Panel reduces the electricity bills, because the energy that is gathered from solar panel is free, renewable and can be stored for future use and it makes our environment pollution free.


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