Take the Stress Out of Moving House

Walking through your home, you are suddenly struck by how much stuff you have. The thought of moving all your belongings into a new abode overwhelms you, making your heart race and your head feel fuzzy. Where should you start? How are you going to move that heavy bookcase? This is the reality that all new homeowners face. After the paperwork, the red tape and the deposit comes the really tough part: moving. Before you throw your new keys out the window, read on to discover some stress-relieving techniques that will make the process easier.


Planning, Planning, Planning!

As unpredictable as the weather, moving home can certainly present some challenges. That priceless vase given to you by your grandmother ends up in pieces, a box filled with books falls on your toes or you realize that your fridge simply won’t fit in your new kitchen. The possibilities are endless. While you can’t prepare for everything, you can certainly plan for most things.

Planning is the most effective way to reduce stress while moving home. Create a detailed checklist and timeline for tasks, visit your new home and create a layout for your items, and have a budget for moving costs. The key is to give yourself plenty of time to achieve your objectives.

Storage Facilities

Part of your planning may involve using the services of a storage provider, such as Fort Knox Storage or Extra Space Storage. Moving house is not just about transporting all the contents of one place into another. Use this opportunity to throw away, store or even sell your belongings. Start your new life clutter free and you will thank yourself for it later!

The More the Merrier

When you think of all the tasks and challenges ahead, are you stressed at the thought of doing it all alone or with just your partner? Unless you are a recovering hermit, chances are that you have an entire network of family and friends that can help. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for it; a trailer, a van, and muscles can all be provided by your contacts. By doing things together, the process will instantly seem less insurmountable and much more fun.

Moving Services

If you’re not prepared or equipped to DIY for the entire process, you can always hire a professional moving services company. Save yourself a strained back and aching muscles by letting the movers pick up your furniture and appliances, transport it and drop it off. Some examples include Grace Removals, Chess Moving and Wridgways Removalists.

Celebrate Success

Act the way you want to feel. This is a hard piece of advice to put into practise, but it really does work. Banish thoughts of gloom or tiredness by working with a smile, playing some upbeat music, cracking jokes and celebrating the small victories.

Are you feeling more positive about your upcoming move? Or have you recently been through the experience and have some tips to share? Share your thoughts and advice by commenting below.

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