5 Things To Do When Your Fish Is Dying

Fish are pets that become actual members of the family over time. And when our pet fish’s final days arrive, we are typically filled with anxiety and stress about what we should do. Do you comfort a dying fish? What should you do to try to save it? These are just some of the things that would worry us.

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This guide will go through some of the things you can do when you notice that your pet fish is dying.

Signs of a Sick or Dying Fish:

  • Swimming sideways or upside down
  • Not eating the fish food
  • Discoloration in the gills
  • White marks appear on the fins or body.
  • Keep swimming to the surface of the water and struggling to breathe.
  • Bulging eyes
  • Stomach expanding
  • Mucus spreads all over the body

What to do when your fish is dying? Here are 5 ways you can comfort your dying fish.

1. Check The Aquarium’s Water

One of the main reasons why a fish dies is because of its water. Research the water specifications your fish prefers. Maybe your fish type prefers warm water and you’ve placed it in the cold. Maybe you have a saltwater fish and you’ve placed it in a freshwater tank.

But if you’ve already noticed that your fish is sick or dying, it’s best to transfer it to a slightly warmer tank for the meantime. Because they aren’t moving around and producing as much body heat, dying fish may require a slightly higher temperature than they would normally.

2. Keep It Away From Stress

If you’re a first-time fish owner, your fish might die after struggling with stress for days. The aquarium environment can negatively impact your fish’s health. If you force different types of fish to live together, you’ll create a highly stressful environment from which your fish will not be able to escape unless they die.

For instance, a pleco should have a lot of hiding spots to feel safe in an aquarium. Betta gets stressed with a tank with too many filter bubbles. If you notice that your fish is sick, separate it from the other fish in the aquarium and transfer it to a condition suitable for it.

3. Don’t Overfeed

Overfeeding your fish can lead to poor health and digestive issues. It can also cause bloating, which puts a strain on their organs. If your fish is dying, all the more reason to stop feeding it too much.
A dying fish has lost its appetite and may be unable to digest its food.

Uneaten fish food will also reduce the quality of the water for your fish. Dirty water reduces oxygen levels and increases toxic gasses.

4. Peace & Quiet

You may think your fish don’t hear anything, but they actually do get affected by a noisy environment.
Sound vibrations travel through the air and ground and reverberate strongly through water. This causes fish to feel stressed or frightened. Transfer your dying fish to a peaceful and quiet environment. Take it away from too much bright light.

5. Call a Veterinarian

An expert would know if your fish needs medication or if it only needs comfort until it passes away.

There you have it! We hope this list was beneficial to you and your pet fish. Keeping a pet fish is very therapeutic and relaxing. There are many DIY pond ideas you can try to build that will make your fish comfortable.

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