How to Change a Light Bulb Safely

It’s so easy to change a light bulb. Even a kid can do it! But because it runs on electricity, it’s always important to know the safety rules and the steps on how to change a light bulb safely.

Why Change the Lightbulb

So, why are you changing the lightbulb? There are three major reasons why you plan to do it:

  • This could be that the bulb is no longer working
  • It could be because you need to get a fancier one
  • It might be because you need to put one that’s brighter than the old one

So, even if the original lightbulb was still working, you can change it to something you like.

Changing Light Bulb

How to Change a Light Bulb Safely

Whatever your reason for changing the light bulb, here are the steps to ensure safety:

  1. Always ensure that the switch is turned off before doing anything.
  2. If the bulb was on, it is probably hot. So, let it cool down for a minute or two.
  3. Next, use a ladder or find a spot to stand on that’s sturdy and can handle your weight. Never stand on a plastic table because that could break under your weight! An A-frame ladder is among the safest to use, but make sure that it is placed on level ground and doesn’t wobble when you step on it.
  4. Then, remove the bulb that needs changing.
  5. If it’s burnt, dispose of it properly.
  6. If you just wanted to change it but the old bulb is still working, make sure to keep it in a box and store it properly. Label accordingly, indicating that it’s a used but still working bulb.
  7. Fix the new bulb carefully without using a lot of force.
  8. Finally, you need to switch on the lights to ensure that it’s working since the results will tell you whether you need to fix a new one or not.

That’s it! You’ve changed the lightbulb safely.

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