How to Design a Spa Like Bathroom for Your Home

When you visit a spa, the general feeling that you get is one of relaxation and you feel much calmer within a short space of time.

Imagine having that distinctive smell and atmosphere that is so distinctive, in your own bathroom.

Here are some ideas to help you transform your bathroom into a haven of indulgence and pampering, making it a place in your house where you won’t want to leave.

Toiletries on display 

One of the things that you will notice about a spa when you visit is that they all have a carefully selected and displayed range of indulgent toiletries. The easiest and quickest way to emulate that spa experience in your own bathroom is to clear away the boring or unappealing clutter like deodorants from view and arrange a display of wonderfully tempting oils and beauty products that you can indulge yourself with.

Colour scheme 

Spa Bathroom

Creating the spa experience in your bathroom is not just about having the right accessories but also about having the right colour scheme on your walls to get the right feel and induce feelings of calm and relaxation.

A neutral color palate is more relaxing than pillar box red on your walls but you now have much more choice other than just opting for plain white, beige or brown. You can draw some inspiration for a colour scheme from any number of lifestyle magazines online like housetohome , and be a bit more adventurous in your choice for the best results by perhaps going for one of the new neutrals which are inspired by nature and perfect for a spa based theme, like grey, green or blue but in a more pastel shade.

Upgrade your fittings 

You can go a long way to creating that spa feel in your bathroom with the colour scheme and even the toiletries as already discussed but to get the true experience and relevant health benefits, you will probably need to consider upgrading your fittings.

A supplier like Bathrooms Fife can help you to make the most out of your space and budget available so that you end up with a luxury fitted bathroom that offers you opportunity of an invigorating shower or bath followed by rest and relaxation and some essential oils on a daily basis, just like you were visiting a spa each time.

Finishing touches 

Another thing you will notice about most good spa’s that you visit is that the fluffy towels you use seem to be so much softer and luxuriant than the ones you have at home. Towel buying is seemingly more complicated than it appears and you might want to get some towel buying advice so that you can add that most important of finishing touches in your newly created spa bathroom, the luxury towel.

If you have an old shower curtain or it is a gaudy colour, consider changing it for a good quality white linen one for that greater feeling of luxury and serenity as you step in or out of your shower. The finishing touches in your bathroom, especially upgrading to the best towels you can afford, will make all the difference to your ultimate enjoyment of your bathroom.

Most of us love the experience of being pampered and relaxing at a spa, so it makes sense to try and bring that level of pleasure and enjoyment into your own bathroom on a daily basis.

About the Author : Lee Gott is an interior designer. He loves to write about how to decorate specific types of rooms on interior decorating blogs.

Image Credit : Room Envy

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