How to Assemble a Mainstays Floor Lamp with Table

Why buy a separate floor lamp and a table when you can assemble one together? This Mainstays Floor Lamp with Table is the perfect addition to your living room or bed room. With its chic design, it conveniently combines a side table and a floor lamp providing convenience and aesthetics.

mainstays floor lamp with table

What you will need:

Check if your box contains the complete parts:

  • 4 long rods (legs/stand of the table)
  • 4 small rods (feet of the table)
  • Circular frames for the table (2 pieces)
  • Circular glass for the table (2 pieces)
  • Lampshade
  • Harp or the vertical support inside the lampshade that will hold socket shell
  • Socket shell that will hold the bulb with attached wires and rod
  • A small pouch of instruction manual that also contains a small allen wrench and screws

How to assemble a Mainstays Floor Lamp with Table:

1. Start with one circular frame for the table. Make sure the hooks on the side of the frames are facing up and not under the frame. It will hold the glass on top later.

2. Get one long as the stand of the table. The end with the flat top has a small hole on the side. Using a screw, attach that hole to the side hook of the circular frame. Do this to the rest of the long rods to assemble the legs or stand.

Note: Don’t tighten the screws just yet just snug enough for it to assemble. You will lock everything once you have put the glass in place.

3. Get the second circular frame to complete the stand of the table. Get one small rod and attach it to the long rod or leg of the table with the hook of the circular frame in between. Do it to all four legs of the table until you complete the stand.

Mainstays floor lamp with table
Screengrab: J Robling via YouTube

4. Now, get the glass with no holes and place it on the lower part of the stand. The one with the holes will be attached to the upper part.

5. Now, get the collapsed lampshade. Assemble it by pushing the pins towards the upper frame of the lamp one by one. Lock the harp inside and tighten the top knob.

6. Next, we attach the harp to the socket shell. Squeeze the two metal rods of the harp and attach it to the two metal holes on the side socket shell. Pull the wire from the socket shell through its threaded rod to shorten the cord.

Mainstays floor lamp with table
Screengrab: J Robling via YouTube

7. Now, let’s connect your lampshade and table. Place the glass on the top part of the table, now tighten the legs to secure it. From the hole of the glass top, feed the rest of the wires of the lamp, including the wingnut, metal washer and plastic washer until you reach the metal rod of your lamp.

8. Now that your lamp is already standing to your table, lock the wingnut and washers securely underneath. Now, you have a completed floor lamp with a table.

You can watch the video below:

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