How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Garden?

Although it seems to be an easy thing to grow tomatoes in your garden. It is not that easy to grow the best quality tomatoes in your garden if you do not care enough. There are many little things that you need to follow to grow the best quality tomatoes, and here we will be discussing them.

The best way to grow tomatoes in your garden:

growing tomatoes

The following are what you must care for if you are looking to grow the best quality juicy tomatoes in your garden.

1. Refrain from crowding the seedlings.

Growing the tomatoes starts from planting the seeds, and here you do not want to crowd the seeds. Tomatoes require complete nutrition from the soil when they are growing. So, when the seeds are crowded, the plants grow too close.

It makes it very difficult for each plant to get the best nutrition from the soil, and it makes the quality get lower. So, the best way is to let the seeds grow a bit and then transfer the plant to the 4-inch individual pots before they grow out to be big.

2. Tomatoes need a lot of light, so make sure that you are planting them in the right place.

A very interesting thing about the great quality tomatoes is that they need a lot of light for growing. Even on the winter days, the tomatoes need a lot of light. So, the best way is to plant the tomatoes near a place that gets a lot of direct sunlight. However, if it is not possible, then you can get artificial plant lighting to provide the light for about 18 hours a day.

This will make the plants of tomatoes grow stocky and healthy, and there will be healthy tomatoes as well.

3. Removing the bottom leaves will help in making the tomatoes healthier.

One thing that you will note is that there will be bottom leaves that will not look as healthy as the top ones. Well, you do not need these leaves for the tomatoes to be healthy. Additionally, the bad part about having these leaves is that they make the tomato grow slower by taking a lot of nutrition. So, cutting them will be an amazing thing.

4. Removing the suckers at the crotch joint will be very beneficial.

Sometimes you will see small branches growing out of the crotch joint between the branches. These will never grow tomatoes on them, so cutting them before they suck a lot of nutrition will be the best thing to do.

5. No compromises on watering whatsoever.

Irregular or no watering will make the plants and the tomatoes ending as a rot which you do not want. So, it is necessary to water regularly. It would help if you watered at least an inch of water per week when the days are cool. On the hotter days, you need to water to make the tomatoes even juicer.

Final Remarks:

Growing tomatoes is what anyone can do but making them grow healthier, and the juicer is what everyone wants. So, the tips we were sharing here will help you in making the tomatoes grow healthier. Make sure that you enjoy every bit of the tomatoes that you grow by following these tips.

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18 thoughts on “How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Garden?”

  1. I could only grow tomatoes in the front yard where the sun shines brightly. I do love fresh tomatoes so maybe next year I will try out your tips and grow some.

  2. Thanks for the tips! This is my first year/time attempting to grow tomatoes and I just had two tomatoes sprout!

  3. Yum, I do love tomatoes. I wish I could grow stuff but sadly I have a black thumb. So I just buy from the grocery store.

  4. Yum, I love tomatoes fresh from the garden! I do not have a garden though, so I still need to buy from the grocery store.

  5. Always good to water the ground as well, not the plant or fruit. Tomatoes can be finicky but are my fave plant to grow!

  6. I love tomatoes and my sister grew some in her garden some years ago. I was always curious about it and I think it’s always a great idea to have fresh tomatoes in your garden.

  7. This is really useful as I’ve not managed to grow tomatoes. I think I over crowd the seeds. I’ll try again and see what happens.

  8. I love growing tomatoes or really anything in the garden. I have some growing right now in our little garden. They’re doing really well too.

  9. We love growing tomatoes in our garden. I love your tips because I tend to just throw the seeds in a vacant plot in our garden.

  10. I love tomoatoes however my tomato plant always dies more often. Thanks for this tip. I will use it up next time planting.


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