How to Make a DIY Plant Hanger

Did you know that’s it’s actually so easy to make a DIY plant hanger?

Things You Will Need

  • Jute rope or string
  • Plant holder or pot (the tutorial uses one that’s 12 cm wide)
  • Plant (it should be small and can easily fit inside your pot)
  • 8 pcs of string, at 100 cm each (longer if your plant holder is bigger; just make sure they have the same length)
DIY Plant Hanger
Photo credit: Fairyland Cottage

How to Make a DIY Plant Hanger

Step 1. Prepare the necessary materials for your DIY plant hanger.

Step 2. Gather the strings and make sure they are aligned. Then, make a loop at the end. It’s up to you how far the knot should be, but it would be nice if it’s at least 1 inch from the tip.

Step 3. Arrange the strings over the plant holder, placed the bottom side up. Spread them out in four directions, with two strings in each group. The knot should be in the middle.

Step 4. Start tying a knot from the edge of the plant holder. Then, make sure the other knots are at the same length to make it balanced.

Step 5. Next, flip the plant holder carefully. Take two strings from two groups that are near each other. Tie a knot at the middle. Do the same for the other groups. Again, make sure that they are about the same length. You can take out the rope/strings from the plant holder to better check the alignments of each knot.

Step 6. Then, put the rope back to the plant container and measure where you need to tie the next knot, based on what you did in Step 5. Repeat Step 5.

Step 7. Put the rope/string back on your plant container and arrange the strings. Then, make a big knot at the top, gathering all the strings together at the length that you want. Make a second knot at the top.

Step 8. Put your plant inside the pot and hang your DIY plant hanger. You’re done! Enjoy your plant.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial here:

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8 thoughts on “How to Make a DIY Plant Hanger”

  1. I used to make macrame plant hangers very regularly when I was much younger than I am now. They were a really nice gift to give to others and I found that making the hangars was also very relaxing.

  2. i love seeing hanging plants on some gardens.
    this simple diy can add aesthetic on your garden spot!

    will show this to my eldest! she loves doing diy, plus my mother loves plants!

  3. I love the look of that plant hanger! It’s nice to make small and big home projects during the pandemic. It’s both productive and therapeutic.

  4. Recently I decided to buy a couple of new plants for the house. I’m happy I found your article. We gonna make this hanger with my son!


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