How to Make a DIY Vertical Garden

Do you lack space for a regular garden or simply want to cover a wall with some plants? A vertical garden would be a nice option! What’s great is that it’s actually easy to do on your own.

vertical garden

Making a DIY Vertical Garden

Step 1. Choose your wall and measure it. Make sure that it’s a sturdy wall that can actually handle the weight of the frame and your plants.

Step 2. Try to create a mental picture of how the garden will look like on this wall and how big the vertical garden should be. You can find plenty of design inspirations on the internet.

vertical garden

Step 3. Plan your garden layout. Do you want to group similar plants together or just mix and match them across your frame? Should you put plants in similarly sized rows for the shelves? Some garden owners prefer rows of different sizes and levels.

Step 4. Build your frame. Make sure that it’s made of materials that could withstand regular watering but could also handle your plants’ weight.

Wood could look great but could rot easily if not treated.

PVC pipes won’t rot and are relatively inexpensive but they can’t handle a lot of weight.

Steel pipes can be your best option, yet they are also expensive to use as your garden’s frame. But if you can, these are better because they last longer.

You can also opt to put a sheet of plastic over your frame, especially if you want to use a frame with wood or some fabric accents.

Step 5. Choose your plants and set them up on the frame.

It’s important to decide whether you’ll be using pots for your plants or would like to plant them directly to spots on your frame.

Step 6. Maintain your vertical garden’s beautiful look by regularly watering the plants, taking weeds out, and trimming the plants, if needed.

Some garden owners also opt to add an irrigation system for an automated way of watering their vertical gardens.

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