Kitchen Building 101: How to Build a Kitchen for an Entertainer

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The kitchen is the most lived-in room in most homes.  Whether you’re having a small dinner for friends or a large family party, guests are naturally drawn to the kitchen.  Don’t let an awkward layout or crowded space take the fun out of entertaining:  you can build your kitchen with entertaining in mind, so that both hosts and guests can enjoy get-togethers.  With a few key factors in place, building or remodeling your kitchen for entertaining can be easy and affordable.  Let’s look at some tips to make your kitchen functional and comfortable for any social occasion.

Convenient Layout

Layout is key when building a kitchen suited for entertaining.  If this is your first time designing a kitchen, the task may seem intimidating, but it’s not that difficult.  Basically, you want to ensure that you can easily access ingredients and appliances while cooking, without creating traffic jams for your guests.   One trick is to make sure the refrigerator is within easy reach of the stove and oven; if you realize you forgot an ingredient while cooking, the contents of your refrigerator are just an arm’s reach away.  Sufficient counter space will allow guests to gather without crowding the cook or feeling cramped.   Many homeowners who entertain frequently like to have a kitchen island; this functional addition to a kitchen frees up space surrounding the cooking area and allows more barstool seating for guests.

Double Wall Oven

If you find yourself hosting family holidays or throwing dinner parties for friends, it makes sense to seek out the best double wall ovens to complete your kitchen design.  Double wall ovens make entertaining a breeze, saving space in your kitchen and allowing you to have multiple items in the oven simultaneously.  Their location on the wall eliminates bending, streamlining the cooking and baking process.  Frequent entertainers agree, a double wall oven is a key component of a party-friendly kitchen.

Banquette Seating

More comfortable and casual than traditional dining sets, banquette seating is a favorite of homeowners who host dinner parties.   Most banquettes have more comfortable seats than formal dining room sets.  The bench-style seating allows more guests to sit together, and the intimate, less-formal feel encourages guests to relax and enjoy the party.

Bar Area

A key element of a successful get-together is having everyone’s favorite beverage available.  A small bar area in the kitchen will allow guests to easily help themselves to drinks throughout the party.  A bar in the kitchen could include a wine cooler, ice maker, a place for glassware, and even a small bar sink.  This setup enables partygoers to grab a beverage without getting in the way of the cook.

As you can see, you don’t need to have a huge kitchen in order to turn it into a functional entertaining space.  With an intelligent layout and some key appliance choices, your kitchen can be the kind of place where guests love to gather.  Now all you have to do is invite some family and friends over, and enjoy your new kitchen!

Anthony Jensen works in interior design. He is pleased to help homeowners make the most of their spaces.

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