Why Won’t My Whirlpool Washer Start The Wash Cycle?

Have you ever had a problem where your Whirlpool washer won’t start the wash cycle? It can be incredibly frustrating, and unfortunately, there are a few different causes. In this article, we’ll explore some common reasons why your Whirlpool washer is not starting the wash cycle and how to fix them.

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1. Power issues

There are a number of power issues you can check to see if they cause the problem. Make sure the outlet where your washer is plugged in is working. Then, inspect your home’s circuit breakers for any tripped breakers and, if necessary, reset them. As much as possible, never use an extension cord to power your washer. This is a common mistake because extension cords cannot fully and safely transmit the voltage required to power your washer.

2. Control Lock is turned on

Whirlpool washers have a Control Lock feature designed to prevent accidental or unintentional use of the machine. It also helps prevent children from using the appliance without adult supervision. When this function is enabled, the controls will not function, and you will see a LoC or LC displayed on the control panel.

The control lock key could be a single key or a combination of the certain keys. To deactivate the feature, hold down the button for 3 seconds. You can also check your user manual for more information on the control lock setting.

3. Washer settings

Always check the washer settings for any error codes. Check the user manual for the error code meanings and how to clear them to get your washer running again. Additionally, features such as the Delay Start could prevent the washer from starting right away.

4. Washer door is not locked properly or has a defective latch

The washer’s safety door lock is another safety feature that might be the reason why a cycle won’t start. If the door isn’t latching securely and isn’t completely closed, the washer won’t start. Always ensure that the door is firmly and securely locked before starting a cycle.

Check to see if the door lid lines up with the latch correctly. If it’s misaligned or the latch won’t lock, it could mean you have a defective latch or the lid hinge is bent or damaged. You might need to see a professional to inspect and repair it.

5. Washer needs a reset

Sometimes all you need is a reset. You can reset your washer by rotating the dial until the three lights illuminate: Rinse, Wash, and Stop. Then, turn off the washer and unplug it. Wait for around 10 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it on. This allows the machine’s cycle to reset. To see if it worked, run a test load.

If all else fails, have a professional check and confirm any defective parts. Also, don’t forget to clean your Whirlpool washing machine regularly, so it’s always in tip-top shape.

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