5 Easy Steps To Remove And Repaint Popcorn Ceiling

Are you tired of looking up at lumps and bumps and are ready to give your ceiling a makeover? The popcorn ceiling was a big hit in the 1970s. They’re also known as acoustic ceilings or stucco ceilings.

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Popcorn ceilings were installed as a way to help absorb sound from above and reduce noise in your house. It’s also an inexpensive way to cover up imperfections since you don’t need to paint the finished surface. Now that the trend is long gone, many homeowners are now finding ways to remove their popcorn ceilings.

And removing them is so easy! Here, we show you how you could do it in five simple steps.

What You Will Need

Wide putty knife or drywall taping knife
Garden sprayer
Painter’s tape
Plastic sheeting
Safety goggles
Dust mask

Step 1: Prep The Area

Begin by removing all of the furniture from the room, then tape plastic sheeting to the surrounding walls and doorways. Make sure to cover all electrical outlets and air vents.

Consider taking down or covering any ceiling fans or light fixtures that could be damaged.

Because you’ll be spraying water on the ceiling, you’ll need to briefly cut off the power to avoid electric shock.

Step 2: Spray The Ceiling With Water

Wet scraping is less difficult than dry scraping. Begin by wetting a small area of the ceiling using a garden sprayer. Work in small sections with an area larger than a four-foot by four feet.

Avoid soaking the ceiling too much so you won’t damage the Sheetrock that is underneath. If you’re not comfortable with a garden sprayer, you can also use a spray water bottle.

Step 3: Start Scraping

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You’re now ready to start scraping! Using a wide putty knife or drywall taping knife, scrape it down the wet ceiling. Hold the scraper at an angle and work on making straight lines. Avoid gouging the smooth ceiling underneath.

Repeat and make your way around the room. Work at four square feet sections at a time and always spray to help loosen the popcorn.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once you’re done scraping, go through the rest of the ceiling to make sure it’s smooth. Repair gouges or damaged drywall tape with joint compound and sand them.

Step 5: Ready to paint

Now you have a popcorn-free smooth ceiling! You can now start giving your ceiling a fresh new look by painting. After a fresh coat of paint, you can start removing the plastic sheeting around the room.

You can reinstall the light and power and enjoy your new ceiling!

There you have it! Removing a popcorn ceiling is easy and can be done even if you’re not a professional. There are many home improvement projects you can do on your own. You can start by installing a shiplap accent wall or move to the kitchen and make DIY faux marble countertops. The possibilities are endless!

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