7 Ways To Grow And Care For Golden Pothos Plant

The Golden Pothos is one of the most popular plants, and with good reasons. They only require a little care, grow easily, and have beautiful big leaves that can add aesthetic appeal to any room.

If you’re a newbie at taking care of plants, the Golden Pothos is a great starter plant. In this article, we’ll help care for your Golden Pothos so it’ll grow beautifully.

1. Bright, indirect sunlight

The pothos can survive in the darker parts of your home. But it can thrive and grow beautifully if placed in a location with bright and indirect sunlight. Avoid placing it under intense and direct sunlight as it will burn and brown its leaves.

2. Don’t Overwater

This low-maintenance plant doesn’t need too much watering. You can water your pothos every 1-2 weeks. Allow your soil to dry out before watering again. If your pothos is placed in a brighter location, you can water it more often. But, if it’s under lower light, it’s best to check the moisture of the soil first before watering.

Overwatering your pathos could lead to yellow leaves and black stems. Meanwhile, if you don’t water your pothos enough, the leaves will wilt and die.

3. High Humidity

Your pothos can get by with normal or even dry air, but it enjoys high humidity the most. Increase the room humidity level to 50% -70% or spritz it occasionally. You can also place it on a pebble tray to help keep it cool at all times.

4. Ideal Temperature

Pothos is a tropical plant, so it thrives in temperatures between 20 and 32 Celsius (70-90 F). This is often the normal house temperature, making pothos great indoor plants. However, avoid placing your pothos near an air conditioning vent or a window directly under the sun. This can cause damage and stunt your plant’s growth.

5. Fertilize

During summer and spring, the Golden Pothos tends to grow fast. Because it is a fast-growing plant, it also needs regular fertilization. During its growing season, use a liquid fertilizer once a month. Autumn and winter are the dormant seasons of the pothos, so there’s no need to give fertilizer. This allows your pothos to relax and have enough energy and nutrients to grow quickly again during its growing season.

6. Repot During the Growing Season

The best time to repot your pothos is during their growing season, summer and spring. Repotting your pothos is quite easy. Simply remove the plant from its pot by tipping the pot on one side. You can also flip the pot over and gently remove the plant. Plant your pothos in a new pot with drainage holes. Use a high-drainage soil so the roots don’t get waterlogged and rot.

7. Clean The Leaves

Your golden pothos are susceptible to pests, mealybugs, and other insects. These pests could harm your plant, so always inspect the stems, leaves, and soil. Clean your pothos by using some alcohol on a Q-tip, insecticular soap, or a neem oil mixture. It is best to catch these pests early before they spread to other plants.

Gardening and caring for plants are a great way to relieve stress. If you’re interested in more plant, you can learn how to care for orchids, succulents, and snake plants.

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