8 Fast Growing Hedges for Privacy

Growing hedges can be useful and beneficial in many ways. They can be either used as a windbreaker and for maintaining privacy as well. Nowadays, people care about their privacy and don’t want anyone to disturb them.

Growing hedges can be very useful for such cases since it maintains privacy and creates a more flexible environment. Some hedges can take a lot of time to grow, and similarly, some can be grown quickly as well.


Today, we are going to discuss the 8 fast-growing hedges for privacy.

Top fast-growing hedges for privacy

Whether you want a quick-growing hedge for privacy reasons or just because you like it, many hedges can be grown tall and serve you the exact purpose for what you are growing them in the first place.

Some of the fast-growing hedges for privacy reasons are mentioned below


Virescent western red cedar is the kind of fast-growing hedge. However, it is more likely to grow in much warmer places, where other hedges might not have a good chance of growing or even for survival.

The Virescent western red cedar is very good at responding and has a standing tall and firm habit. These characteristics make them tall and straight by the wall hedge, which is ideal for maintaining privacy. They are also known to keep their green color throughout and are not difficult to maintain either.


Another most fast-growing hedge is the Green giant arborvitae. The Green giant arborvitae is famous for growing 3 to 5 feet per year that is quite of a number. The Green giant hedges are most likely to function better when they have a humid environment.

It might take you some work since it requires some work and maintenance from your side as well. They are also resistant to many pests, infections, and animals like deer. It is known to be the perfect choice for privacy and windbreaker.


The American arborvitae, also known as “Thuja Occidentalis,” can be included in the fast-growing hedges as well. These arborvitaes are perfect for colder weather and are fast-growing shrubs.

  • They are low maintenance and do not require a lot of work.
  • The American arborvitae can be grown in urban and rural areas even if there is a drought condition. They best fast-growing hedges for maintaining privacy.


Portuguese Laurel is one of the fastest-growing hedges as well. The Portuguese Laurel Aka Prunus Lusitania is known to be famous for its wide and easy spread. They are perfect for warm and coastal regions.

  • It grows faster but is very easy to maintain.
  • Likewise, it makes a dense hedge that is perfect for the issues relayed with privacy and creating a private shade.
  • The Portuguese Laurel is associated with warmer regions due to which it can survive conditions like drought and smog.

The thickness of Portuguese Laurel is perfect for noise blocking, privacy, and windbreaker.


Another fast-growing hedge that might sound familiar with Portuguese Laurel is Schip Laurel. The Schip Laurel is also widely known as Prunus Laurocerasus ‘Schipkaensis’. It is also famous for its rich green color that does not fade away quickly.

The Schip Laurel are naturally able to make a perfect tall, thick and dense Hedge. They can also survive the weathers that are too warm and cold, and being able to survive rough conditions like drought and smog makes them ideal for hiding fence and privacy hedge.


The flare amur maple is a bright red-looking color that can make a tall and dense Hedge.

These can also grow fast while taking in all of the sun without fading their green color before autumn arrives. Some arborvitaes need a lot of maintenance and work, but the flame amur maple does not require a lot of work or high maintenance to do.

They can grow on their own in many kinds of soils and make up a tall and narrow hedge, which is ideal for creating a private place.


The red twig dogwood is also known as Cornus sericea. It is dark bright red that is the perfect shrub for blocking out views and maintain a barrier. These need soils that are moist, fertile, and rich in nutrients to increase their growth.

They mostly are without flowers and berries but still do look good. The red twig dogwood can survive an open sun or even a partial sunshade too. They can be very useful as a privacy fence.


The Cherry or English Laurel is also the fine quality type of shrub which is suitable for the fast-growing hedges.

The Cherry Laurel is also widely famous and known as Prunus Laurocerasus. By far, the Cherry Laurel is the most fast-growing and can make enormous tall and thick hedges.

It can grow up to 3-4 feet per year which are considered to be a perfect fit for the fast-growing hedges. They do not have to be maintained with a lot of hard work because they survive and do very well in the sun, hear, or in warmer places as well.

They can bear seasonal conditions like droughts and have a glossy touch on their leaves, making them very attractive and sleek. They give a good amount of volume and are perfect for covering up a big place.

Due to these characteristics and features, many people prefer to choose Cherry Laurel as the perfect fast-growing hedge for privacy and view blocker.

Final Remarks:

The above-specified points are the 8 fast-growing hedges for privacy. Some of the benefits are that hedges provide also specified. These Hedges can be grown to increase the privacy and it can add to the beauty of the place also. Everyone has different taste and any people like these kinds of hedges around as it they make good atmosphere.

So, if you want to get help with your privacy from hedges, you can select any from the above mentioned list.

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  1. I have no idea about Growing Hedges for Privacy but This is so great advice and very comprehend for the readers. Awesome tips.

  2. Nice selection of hedges. I am not familiar with these plants since I haven’t see Filipinos growing the plant. But if I have to choose from the selection, I would cherry laurel because It grow so fast, so I have instant privacy.

  3. We just got a couple of these for some spots in our yard where we were looking for some additional privacy! SUPER helpful.

  4. Here we don’t have a private garden but I’ll definitely keep these in mind! Thanks for sharing the info, I had no idea about hedges.


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